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Web Audio Maker makes Flash audio for your web site and plays instantly
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Web Audio Maker is a fast tool for the conversion of the sound recorded via a microphone, into .SWF Adobe Flash files. Adobe Flash is one of the most powerful and persistent software platforms today. It impacts about 98.9% of Internet-enabled computers and mobile devices, supporting a broad range of platforms and browsers, and hence tools incorporating flash content are very useful and are in high demand these days.

The user can create audio content for the website within no time and plays it perfectly well, which includes making audio instructions for products and services for increasing sales or improving overall effectiveness in order to get great results.

Web Audio Maker offers support to most of the popular audio formats right from MP1, MP2, MP3, WAV, SND (NeXT/Sun sound), OGG, AU, MOD music like XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX, down to MO3 music including MP3/OGG compressed MODs.

What’s more, the application comes with cool audio players, and the user can generate single SWF and sound with a shell player SWF, customize color of players, change sound volume, trim sound, output SWF to a custom folder, create folders to keep directory tree of original audio file, and even perform batch conversion as well.

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  • Many customizable options, such to batch conversion


  • Doesn’t support all audio codecs
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